Family practice is a broad specialty that interprets and assesses all aspects of your care from the most simple to the more complex, coordinating with specialists and other health care providers for an all-encompassing view of your health to help you understand your well-being as a whole. At DeWitz Family Medicine we help you integrate your health care decisions for the best possible outcome. Below is a condensed list of some of the services we offer. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any specific questions about what we offer that may not be included here.

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Diagnostics: (Labs and EKG)

Expedient and convenient diagnostic results for an accessible and accurate health evaluation including EKG, blood panels, flu tests, simple urine tests for infection or pregnancy, TENS units for pain, EEG’s, and sleep studies.

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Regular Check Ups

Comprehensive annual health assessments for men, women, and children that provide a total picture of current health to track and maintain your personal health goals.

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Sports physicals are required by schools at the start of the season or for summer camps and provide updated health information for rapidly changing young bodies.

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Minor Procedures

We do many minor procedures in-office including but not limited to removal of minor skin growths, suturing minor injuries, and wound dressing changes.

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Chronic Health Management

Seeing a specialist? We can help you coordinate any multi-sourced, pre-existing information about your health and integrate it into total personal wellness to help manage long-term, chronic health conditions.

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New Patient

Please Print out and complete the New Patient intake forms to bring to your initial appointment.